Here we are at the peak of summer and yet, many of my patients have been reporting that it feels like a season change. There is a lot of transition around us right now and sometimes that can be quite stressful.
If we have worked together for any extent of time, chances are we have discussed the importance of your vagus nerve and its ability to quickly switch between “fight or flight” and “rest and digest.” This adaptability is enhanced by healthy vagal tone.
Here is my list of favorite practices that I incorporate in my day-today life to help support vagal tone. Let me know if any of these are things you have tried and what you think!
Dr. Forsberg’s Top 5 Vagal Tone Practices:
1. Meditation: daily 5 minute loving-kindness meditation at the start of each day.
2. Cold Exposure: Start with a cold splash to face or ending a shower with cold.
3. Diaphragmatic breathing: square breath – in through nose, out through mouth.
4. Self-acupressure: especially to Yin Tang and LI 4.
5. Snuggling our pets and loved ones!!!
I hope these ideas spark some inspiration – if you are feeling overwhelmed, tired, or unlike yourself please reach out to a qualified professional and your trusted loved ones. We are on this journey together.
Warmly, Dr. Forsberg