*San Fu Moxibustion*
*San Fu Moxibustion (“Heavenly Moxiboustion”) Basic theory:*
According to Traditional Chinese Medicine theory, chronic respiratory illnesses (such as asthma) and general respiratory diseases in the winter months are often due to a deficiency of *Yang Qi*. Summer is the time of year when *Yang Qi *is the most available; the peak of heat, activity and intensity – often referred to in the Chinese medicine texts (and colloquially) as the “dog days of summer.” San Fu (Heavenly) Moxibustion utilizes the strength of summer to help the body store *Yang Qi* – thus strengthening the lungs and preventing illnesses come winter. In the summer, the *Qi *is at the most superficial layer of the skin, and thus the body is able to absorb the constituents of the herbs readily.
Dr. Forsberg will be offering San Fu moxibustion topical herbal treatments throughout the warm summer months. If you suffer from a chronic respiratory illness, or if you want to help prevent common winter respiratory illnesses, please contact us for more information!

*Basic process:*San Fu herbal paste is applied topically to specific points on the back, on three occasions during the warmest weeks of the summer spaced at least 10 days apart. Each application is left on for a few hours. Repeat for at least three summers.

*San Fu Moxibustion may be beneficial for: *-Asthma (chronic)
-Preventing respiratory illnesses, including bacterial/viral infections, esp. in people who run cold.

*Ease of San Fu Moxibustion:* -Convenient: quick application and infrequent treatment
-Controllable: can control intensity by removing paste and washing off

*Likely side effects: *
Local sites will likely burn, blister, itch, and/or scar.

*Contraindications: *
Pregnant women, or people with very sensitive skin. Caution with children.