How are you feeling emerging from the cold, heavy quality of the winter?
In Ayurveda, winter brings along a necessary build in Kapha (heaviness, coldness, lethargy) – a physical sense of hibernation to accompany the mental inwardness we experience during this time. These qualities help to bring about comfort, stability, and grounding to get you through the cold and darkness season.
Come Springtime our mental and physical beings are ready to shed this excess Kapha and prepare our bodies for the light, warm, and activeness of Summer.
Some signs & symptoms that indicate you have excess Kapha are:
– Excess weight gain, decreased appetite & slow metabolism – Lethargy, heaviness & brain fog – Respiratory imbalances (colds/ sinus congestion) – Low motivation & uninspired
If this sounds like you – we invite you to schedule a visit with our Ayurvedic practitioner, Jessica Liberatore CAP, CAHC to get in realignment! Jessica’s 5 Tips to Balance Kapha in Spring:
*1. Lighten up & warm your meals/drinks:* Avoid cold, heavy, greasy & hard to digest foods. Stick to lightly cooked, well spiced & digestible meals. Opt for warm/ room temp water with some lemon to support the digestive system/detox the liver.
*2. Sleep early/ Wake up early:* Kapha time is 6am-10am. Waking during these hours increases your kapha dosha & qualities. Waking before 6am and getting the first morning light on your skin will naturally start to revitalize you!
*3. Get moving*: Vigorous exercise is an important way to defrost the Kapha and get things moving again. Get that heart rate up & sweat!
*4. Lubricate the nasal passageways with daily Nasya*: A couple drops in each nostril each day will coat & protect the nasal passageways to prevent pathogens/ colds and seasonal allergies. This keeps our respiratory system clear & with appropriate Kapha levels.
*5. Invigorate the body with dry brushing & Abhyanga:* Move the lymph to increase circulation, eliminate excess edema & swelling. Lubricate & energize the body from the inside out with a warming oil by performing self-Abhyanga before your shower.
Ayurvedic Springtime Green Drink
One of Jessica’s favorite ways to detoxify and shed the heaviness from Winter is with a bitter green drink! This morning time beverage will help you cleanse and reduce the excess Kapha moving into springtime leaving you feeling light and bright.
*INGREDIENTS:* 1 cup Dandelion greens 1⁄4 cup Arugula 1⁄4 cup Cilantro 1⁄4 cup Pomegranate juice 1 tsp Chia seeds 1 tsp Turmeric 1 inch Ginger root 1 tsp Local raw honey (optional) 1 cup Filtered water
*Blend ingredients all together & enjoy with your breakfast!*
Whether you are looking to heal a specific health concern or are in search of guidance on how to live a more balanced, holistic life specifically designed for you, Jessica is here to support you!